Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Including your contact information

I like to talk to the consultants and companies that receive our proposals via OregonProspector about their experience with the system. Generally reactions have been very positive. However I did want to pass along one bit of information from a recent discussion.

The client was very positive about having everything in one place (document) and had no trouble downloading and reading the information provided by our communities. He did mention however, that while each community provided a coverletter, some of these coverletters did not contain phone numbers and/or email addresses. This required the client to do their own internet research to find the contact information he needed.

Sometimes it is the little things that slip by us and this seems to be the case in this instance. So, this is just a reminder to always try and take a look at what you are submitting from the clients view. Will they know where you are located, do they have someone they can contact, have you provided them the information they requested in the format they need it?

In the same vein, recent discussions led me to realize that we (State) need to always include a general map of Oregon showing the location of each community that has submitted on a project. As a result I have developed a template that allows us to do that for each project.

Keep up the good work! The feedback is, overall, very positive.

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